Here’s how you can download and start exploring Minecraft’s Sustainability City Map, even if you’re not on Minecraft Education Edition.

Hola! Neph here, a casual Minecraft player and a thorough sustainability miner.

You see, there are sustainability reports with hundreds of pages and then there is Microsoft who just took it to the next level, or should we say to the next map?

So this year the Big Tech behind Windows, Office, and Xbox published its
Environmental Sustainability Report on a friendly website. But then they translated it into a nice immersive experience based on Mojang’s blocky world: Minecraft.

Feeling a bit confused already? Let me explain.

From survival lands to the learning classroom: Minecraft, Education Edition

It’s been almost 10 years since the first version of Minecraft was officially released to the public back in 2011 introducing us to a beautiful open world where you can build whatever you want and no one telling you what to do and no rules to follow.

The popular sandbox/survivor game started as an independent development for PC created by Marcus “Notch” Persson, then turned into Mojang Studios, and later it was acquired by Microsoft.

Since then, the game has built an amazing audience surpassing the 126 million active users per month, and sold over 200 million copies as of 2020. No wonder why you can find a Minecraft version for virtually any platform from PC and macOS to Android, iOS, Xbox, Switch, and Playstation.

In November 2016, Minecraft: Education Edition was released

In November 2016, Minecraft: Education Edition was released, providing educators a variant of the game where all dangers are removed to focus the player on immersive classroom lessons and bring some fun to the digital learning and edtech scene.

How to download and play Sustainability City in Minecraft

Made from recycled materials

Perhaps the easiest way to access this map inspired by Microsoft’s
2020 Environmental Sustainability Report is by simply opening your Minecraft: Education Edition app and just go straight into the Sustainability City Lesson, if you cannot see it there, you may want to ask your professors to enable it for you. If you don’t have a MinecraftEDU account, don’t worry, there’s still an alternative that hopefully can get you to play it immediately and for free.

How to download Minecraft’s Sustainability City on PS4

I’m going to focus specifically on this version because is the only game console I have access to and I was able to test by the time I’m writing this. If you have any other console and you can confirm if you got access to the map, please let me know in the comments.
On PS4 or any other device that currently supports Minecraft’s Marketplace you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the marketplace and search for Sustainability City
  2. Download
  3. Dive into the sustainability lessons!

Can I play Sustainability City map on Minecraft: Java Edition?

Sorry, the answer is no. Because Minecraft’s Marketplace is not available for Java Edition, you won’t be able to download this map.

Sustainability City: 6 lessons to get you started on a greener future

Once you get into the map, a professor will present to you the 8 different tracks you can take and learn about:

You can always go back to the classroom using the blackboard
You can always go back to the classroom using the blackboard
  1. Food Production
  2. Water Treatment
  3. Green Building
  4. Sustainable Forestry
  5. Energy Efficient Housing
  6. Powergrid

Perhaps my favorite lesson it’s the Green Building track where I got to learn about how heat efficiency, recycling water within the building, and the solar panels on the roof.

Let me know what your favorite lesson was in the comments box!

Minecraft's green building exterior
Minecraft’s green building exterior


Want a small extra challenge for you while you’re visiting the sustainability city?

Try finding this mysterious character in a yellow suit (see image below). And when you find it, let me know, what do you think he’s (or she?) up to?

Mysterious character found in Minecraft's Sustainability City
Why is he wearing a that yellow suite?
Mysterious character found in Minecraft's Sustainability City
What is he hiding from?

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